Employee Relations

The Employee Relations division of the Office of Equity and Diversity serves as the USC community’s dispute resolution experts, addressing workplace problems for staff employees via the Staff Complaint Procedure. The Staff Complaint Procedure serves to mitigate conflicts by facilitating open and honest communication. We consult with staff employees, supervisors, managers and administrators to enhance their abilities to effectively resolve disputes.

Examples of concerns brought to Employee Relations:

  • Coworker, subordinate and supervisor disputes
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Ethical dilemmas
  • Favoritism and conflicts of interest
  • Incivility and meanness
  • Personality conflicts and misunderstandings
  • Policy clarification

Please note that our services are not available to staff who are subject to collective bargaining agreements (unless the collective bargaining agreement so provides), faculty, students (including teaching and research assistants), and employees of temporary agencies.

Contact us at (213) 740-7734 at UPC, or (323) 442-2020 at HSC—or email us.

We are located at UPC on the 2nd floor of the Credit Union Building at 3720 S. Flower Street (MC 0704) and at HSC in the Soto Street Building at 2001 S. Soto Street , Room 203 (MC 9236).